Bilingual Project

Cambridge University

It is our priority to guarantee each one of our students is exposed to varied academic and communicative contexts in English that enable them to assume an active role in our globalized world. This commitment has allowed us to ensure that each student can purposely use English as a second language through different programs and strategies exclusively tailored for their needs and interests.

1. Cambridge Assessment International School (CIE):

Since 2011, CAS belongs to the CIE academic community that pursues an innovative, challenging and inspiring teaching proposal. Our students are exposed to international curriculum standards to complete the entire school program from stage 1 through 9 in order to obtain the ICE Diploma. Cambridge ICE is a group award for IGCSE level in which students are to pass minimum 7 subjects of five academic content areas, including two different languages. Providing our students with the necessary attributes, skills and academic tools, we support them paving their ways for the application process in more than 1,4000 universities worldwide that recognize Cambridge qualifications.

2. Immersion Programs:

Cultural awareness and difference respect are key leadership traits. Our leaders are exposed to a varied set of multicultural options such as summer camps and integration program courses which are short bursts of intense academic and real-life experiences in English speaking countries. These programs are offered in:

• Canada
• United States
• England
• Malta

For a long-term experience, The Dual Degree Program in Canada (DDP) is another option to obtain the Canadian High School Diploma (Ottawa Carlenton District Diploma) once graduated in Colombia. As for the application process to international universities, our students are thoroughly advised by well- known companies from the preparation to a successful SAT score to the admission in prestigious universities around the world.

International experiences are complemented with in- school activities that invite students to be acquainted with the changing world such as French classes, International University Fairs, Stanford University specialized courses, cultural celebrations and workshops for parents and students.